Frequently Asked Questions

What does Party mean?

It corresponds to those States that signed the Trade Promotion Agreement: that is, the United States of America and the Republic of Colombia.

What does environmental legislation mean?

Environmental law means any statute or regulation of a Party, or provision thereof, the primary purpose of which is the protection of the environment, or the prevention of a danger to human, animal, or plant life or health, through:

  1. The prevention, abatement, or control of the release, discharge, or emission of pollutants or environmental contaminants
  2. The control of environmentally hazardous or toxic chemicals, substances, materials, and wastes, and the dissemination of information related thereto.
  3. The protection or conservation of wild flora or fauna, including endangered species, their habitat, and specially protected natural areas.

Is it possible to send Submissions anonymously?

One of the requirements for the Secretariat to consider a Submission filed is that the submitter is clearly identified. However, the Secretariat shall not furnish to the public or allow public Access to any information it may receive:

  1. That its submitter has identified as confidential in accordance with the procedures the Council establishes for protecting confidential information.
  2. That is not otherwise publicly available.
  3. The disclosure of which could reveal:
    • The submitter’s identity and subject the submitter to serious reprisal, or
    • Business or proprietary information.